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Welcome to the Law Office William R. Orr - a force in Workers' Compensation since 1978. Specializing in Workers' Compensation, our goal is to provide the highest quality legal representation available. The Law Office of William R. Orr helps you consider all the options impacting your workplace injury so that together, we can take the best course of action for your individual situation.

Workers Comp Basics:

Workers' Compensation is a benefit guaranteed by the California Constitution to those people injured at work or as the result of their work. In it's most basic form it provides medical care, lost wages and a permanent disability benefit. It is a no fault system. Filing a claim and taking care of your injury does not mean you are "suing" your employer.

Why Are Lawyers Involved:

The insurance company or employer is supposed to voluntarily provide workers' compensation benefits fairly and promptly. However, the system relies upon a complex procedure that can lead to significant delays and outright denial of benefits. Too often, getting necessary medical treatment and a fair resolution to an injury is a fight, to get anything approved. The insurance company has lawyers; you should, too.

Bottom Line:

If you are visiting this site you have probably experienced how dysfunctional the Workers' Compensation system can be. If you have experienced an injury while at work, don't expect to get a fair deal without legal representation. Instead, let us help - we have a reputation for winning the maximum compensation that our clients deserve. Contact us today for a professional, comprehensive and confidential legal consultation.