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The process of filing a workers’ compensation claim to ultimately resolving an industrial claim is rarely as simple as A-B-C. Recovering workers’ compensation benefits is often a very lengthy and difficult process that can span over several years. During the process the injured work may be working full time, working in a modified capacity or not working. Typically the injured party incurs a significant financial burden that is not often resolved until the claim is litigated to a conclusion. If an injured worker’s claim is not litigated to a conclusion and instead is resolved without legal representation it is often done so to the financial detriment of the injured worker.

The simple process should be as easy as an injured worker filing a claim, obtaining medically necessary treatment and returning to pre-injury status. Please view our Workers’ Compensation Process Overview document for more detail (ATTACH FILE). This simplified version is rarely a reality. Injuries are often more substantial and obtaining all medically necessary treatment is often a major fight. The Law Office of William R. Orr can help you win this fight.

With many parties engaged in the process, including the injured worker, the employer, the employer’s insurance company, the insurance company’s attorney and the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board the process is rarely simple. To succeed injured workers should hire an attorney. An attorney can help you. To learn how our office can help you with your workers’ compensation claim please contact our office for a free case evaluation.